Friday, December 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Christmas (and other Wintertime Holidays)

With the start of December (and oftentimes much earlier), we begin to see the signs of Christmas and other wintry holidays.  It is indeed, dare I say it, beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  In honor of this holiday, I have decided to give a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of Christmas.

Pro:  You see your family.  

When your parents' "little baby" comes home, they like to dote on you.  Holidays are when you don't have to buy clothes, food, or other stuff yourself.  

Con:  You see your family.  

Your family obviously misses you, that's why they like to dote upon you.  But since they like you, they also smother you with love.  While that's not necessarily a bad thing, you would like to be able to breathe some time during the day (love you Mom and Dad!). 

Pro:  Christmas Music

Christmas music makes everything better!  Would you open presents to rap music?  Rap metal, maybe, but not regular rap. 

Con:  Christmas gets exploited

There's nothing more annoying than visiting the grocery store the day after Halloween, hoping to score some clearance-priced candy, only to find that it's all been replaced with garland and ornaments.  It's also displeasing when there are commercials on TV that take Christmas songs and change them for their own foul marketing ploys.  Like the shoe that visits the other shoe and is caroling about what a horrible present she got.  

Because it is a merry time of year, filled with kindness and giving, corporations use this time to take advantage of you by turning your giving spirit into a buying spirit.  The establishment pretends to care about decorating for the holidays and singing catchy tunes when all they really want is for you to spend more money.