Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Resolutions for All to See

I made some vague resolutions at the turn of the new year such as "be more awesome."  That was pretty much the only one, and I don't even know what I meant by it.  I guess that means I fail already.  :(  A couple days ago I started coming up with a pretty good list though.  Most of my good resolutions are to finish things I started a long while ago.  Allow me to share... 

1.)  Finish Bioshock.  I've played through it one and a half times already, but when I got my new Xbox 360, my profile was corrupted during the file transfer, so I have to start EVERYTHING over again.  I'm already two thirds through this run, so I can definitely finish this! 

2.)  Finish the blanket I started crocheting last summer.  Finish it by the end of February.  I will finally be warm just in time for spring to come.  -.- 

3.)  Play Dragon Age and the expansion.  I have not done this, and I would like to since the sequel is coming out this year and I want to keep on top of the video game scene. 

4.)  Finish the latchhooking project I started ten years ago.  Lord.  It's been fun, but I finished the colored parts and doing just white made it really boring. 

5.)  Give Carla the silly hat I made.  I regret that hat.  It's a waste of yarn unless it warms someone's head.  It haunts my dreams, it really does. 

6.)  Send Jerms some cookies, since he is my official taste tester.  (My other blog!) 

7.)  Finish the Eon sequels.  Eon is a good book, by the way, by Greg Bear.  It's a sci-fi novel with some heavy and vague yet easy to understand quantum physics going on in it. 

8.)  Read every book I own that I haven't read yet. 

9.)  Play every video game I own. 

10.)  Save money for new video games. 

11.)  Maybe write something funny once in a while.  Sorry.  :/ 

This was my favorite joke when I was younger (and may be my favorite joke now, too): 
There were three mice in a house, and they each decided to spend the night in a different area of the house.  The first mouse said, "I'll sleep in the basement," so he did.  The second mouse said, "I'll sleep in the kitchen sink," so he did.  The third mouse said, "I'll sleep in the toilet," so he did.  The next morning they all met up again to talk about their night.  The first mouse, who slept in the basement, said, "I had a good night, but I got cold."  The second mouse said, "I had a good night, but I got wet."  The third mouse said, "Oh, I had a TERRIBLE night!  First it rained, then it thundered, then a log hit me!" 

Harharharharhar!  Get it?! 

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Jeremy! said...

Hmm. I should probably actually play Dragon Age as well, since I was SOOO excited for it when it released.

"Read every book I own that I haven't read." This is something I should do. But probably won't.

And Yay cookies!!